GCE Dates 2023-2024 – Cameroon GCE Advanced and Ordinary Level 2023-2024 Dates

GCE Dates 2023-2024 – Cameroon GCE Advanced and Ordinary Level 2023-2024 DatesThe Official Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2023-2024 PDF for Ordinary and Advanced levels are once again available for download (free).

Characteristics of A Good Timetable

An exam timetable is significant: 

  • A timetable has defined period lengths. 
  • An exam timetable has specific subjects for each exam session. 
  • Hence, timetables allow examiners and invigilators to properly supervise and assess the students. 
  • A reasonable timetable is organised in a way that essential subjects are at designated times.

When Will the Cameroon GCE 2023-2024 Examination Be Written?

The Cameroon GCE 2023-2024 Official Exams (Ordinary and Advanced Levels) will be written in June 2023-2024. The exam begins on May 31, 2023-2024, and ends on June 18, 2023-2024. This is following the decision of Cameroon’s Minister Of Secondary Education.

Timetables are always released from the start of the registration process to enable candidates to master the days and subjects to be written.

Relevance Of Cameroon GCE Board Individual Timetables 2023-2024

  1. Individual GCE timetables are always issued to students as soon as the candidate completes the registration process. 
  2. The individual timetable carries only the candidate’s registered subjects enumerating the dates and subjects to be written accurately. 
  3. This time timetable is usually used as a GCE acceptance slip or receipt during the examination.
  4. Thus, candidates must show their personal or individual timetables at the start of each exam session.
  5. Note that Students without the exact individual Cameroon GCE exam timetable 2023-2024 shall not be allowed to enter the hall.

Download Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2023-2024 PDF (Ordinary Level And Advanced Level) – Form G6

The general timetable (Form G6) contains all the subjects showing all the writing dates displayed throughout the writing period. It is usually issued at the time of launching of the exam.

Cameroon GCE Board Timetable 2023-2024 Release Date

The Cameroon GCE examination timetable for the June 2023-2024 session has been made public or released following the announcement of the start of the Cameroon GCE examination registration 2023-2024 (As attached below).

Official June 2023-2024 Cameroon GCE Practical and General Examination Dates

June 2023-2024 Practical Timetable

  • 0746 SBE French: Tuesday 08/06/2023-2024
  • 0540 Food and Nutrition and 0715 Chemistry: Tuesday 08/06/2023-2024 – Friday 11/06/2023-2024
  • 0795 Computer Science: Thursday 10//06/2023-2024
  • 0780 Physics: Monday 14/06/2023-2024 – Wednesday 16/06/2023-2024
  • 0546 SBE French: Tuesday 15/06/2023-2024
  • 0595 Computer Science: Tuesday 22/06/2023-2024 – Thursday 24/06/2023-2024
  • 0796 ICT: Thursday 17/06/2023-2024 – Friday 18/06/2023-2024
  • 0710 Biology: Monday 21/06/2023-2024 – Thursday 24/06/2023-2024
  • 0740 Food Science and Nutrition: Thursday 17/06/2023-2024 – Monday 21/06/2023-2024
  • 0755 Geology: Wednesday 16/06/2023-2024
  • 0710 Biology: Monday 21/06/2023-2024 – Thursday 24/06/2023-2024
  • 0595 Computer Science: Tuesday 22/06/2023-2024 – Thursday 24/06/2023-2024

June 2023-2024 General Timetable Dates

  • Ordinary Level /  Advanced Level
  • GCE 2023-2024 Start Date: May 31, 2023-2024
  • GCE 2023-2024 End Date: June 18, 2023-2024
  • Morning Session – Begins at 8:00 A.M.
  • Afternoon Session – Begins at 1:00 P.M.

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